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Remunta IV – Multi-family building with 50 homes

Multi-family building with 50 homes, 2 premises and 55parking spaces, located on Carles Martí Feced street, núm. 11-15 of the municipality of Hospitalet de Llobregat.

A four-sided building with facades on Carles Martí Feced Street, Joan N. García-Nieto, and Paseo del Conveni de 1713, consisting of two basement floors, ground floor, six floors and flat roof inverted.

The whole lot is not built on the ground floor, and from the ground floor to the sixth respects the widht of 13m stablished by the regulation is respected.

In order to lighten the facade of a building that could be very compact due to its proportions, we have proposed balconies on all floors with a translucent glass railing that gives lightness to the whole. The South and West façades have solar control through sliding doors with lacquered aluminium slats that give dynamism to the homogeneous stripes of the façade.

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