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Argos Hotel, Ibiza

It is located in a privileged spot, in a natural space, on the beach of Talamanca, one of the best-known in Eivissa and close to the city’s port area, and connected via a promenade. This hotel by Josep Ribas González, which is characterised by its pronounced horizontality and “Lecorbusieran” simplicity, was built with reinforced concrete and the idea of seeing, on one side, the sea, and on the other, the silhouette of Dalt Vila.

With a rectangular ground plan, it comprises a central corridor parallel to the façades, which distributes the rooms to the right and left. At the ends there are some rooms that are perpendicular to the previous ones, also open to the outside via a terrace. The façades, inspired by the grid of the Unité d’Habitation and measured out by the screens separating the terraces of each room, determine the main design lines of the building. In the central part, the building has a higher block that concentrates all the vertical communication elements (stairs and lifts), and which is closed outside by lattices, enabling ventilation and filtering the light. At one of the ends of the first floor, which projects out in relation to the line of the façade, the lounges and hotel restaurant services have been placed.

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