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Housing in the old lands of Cosmetoda, L’Hospitalet de Llobregat

The general objectives of the urban planning of this block are the following:

Design of the the block access infrastructures as an improvement of the functional accessibility of the neighborhood and, consequently, avoiding the solutions proposed from the traffic engineering, providing the solutions that address the design of the urban continuities of maximum environmental quality and aesthetics, improving the urban landscape.

Giving continuity to free spaces of great dimension and allowing that the land destined to facilities has, within the scope of the proposed public park, an integrating character and of great landscape value.

Allowing, with the permeability of buildings to the large green space, that the free spaces designed in other areas adjoining this block are fully linked and create a homogeneous and continuous set with this area. That its totality becomes a green corridor that allows pedestrianization and cycling among all areas.

That its whole becomes a system of itineraries for bicycles and pedestrians that connect with the rest of the city, forming an efficient mobility system in connection with the current public transport infrastructure, bus or with the future ones that will be made up.

That the pieces of equipment allow the City Council to enjoy three hierarchically differentiated spaces and facilitate the implementation of the uses according to the needs indicated in the Municipal Equipment Plan.

The set formed by the free and private accessible spaces and the equipment of the sector, has to (and this is the objective to be achieved) define a park in continuity.

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