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Competition for the new IESE Campus, Madrid

The prestige and academic quality of the IESE require facilities commensurate with its status. The solution that has been arrived at is a campus with ample, luminous spaces that blend with the environment and facilitate the highest standard of teaching quality, backed up by a very well defined and structured functional programme.

Faced with a challenge of this nature and the need to resolve the building efficiently without lowering the institution’s quality standards, the construction has taken advantage of the maximum building space available in anticipation of a future special zoning plan.

This is a bold and somewhat risky decision, but one which is nevertheless essential for a functional, spacious campus which almost certainly will require no further expansions for a long time. The initiative will undoubtedly help to maintain and promote the institution’s high quality standards.

True to this philosophy, the new campus will be primarily functional. By means of a circulation scheme that consists of a representative central section containing the entrance, and two lateral wings, the building thus creates a clear and simple organizational programme.

  • Date: 2011
  • Area: 8334,90 m2
  • Stage: Competition
  • Location: Madrid, Spain
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