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Dubai Police Sports Complex

The new Sports Complex for the Dubai Police Officers Club aims to be an iconic building in the city, not only for its image, but also for its functionality and ability to become a new “urban engine”.
The main idea of ​​the project is to cover the complex to turn it into an interior space.
A new outer cover has been designed to connect the different accesses to the complex with the existing car park. This cover is designed not only to connect the different accesses but also to improve the user’s entrance experience. The exterior program offers an organic image, so that the contrast allows the building to stand out.
Taking into account the climatic conditions of the place, a sheet of water is arranged surrounding the building in order to create a reflection and also refresh the environment, betting on sustainability.
The façade and the roof are conceived as a single skin that covers the entire volume, and is made of glass and steel, designed to be built in a factory. On the south and west façades, coinciding with the main entrance, the façade has a LED screen to project mappings.
The interior of the building offers different areas to develop the required activities: soccer field, tennis courts, athletics track and swimming pool. In addition, a gym and fitness area, a restaurant, a multicultural center, as well as different administration areas for each program have been included.
The main concept is that of “a box within a box”. The noble spaces such as the soccer field, the tennis courts, the athletics track, the restaurant and the multicultural center are strategically located so that they can enjoy the view at street level and have this effect of light and shadow.

  • Date: 2023
  • Area: n/a m2
  • Stage: Preliminary design
  • Location: Dubai, Arab Emirates
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