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Residential complex in the Paseo de los Tilos, Barcelona

This complex of housing units, built on the same estate as Les Escales Park and which completes the 1971 urban project, comprises three independent buildings. Over a structure of regular pillars, the architects assembled a series of rectangular forms that they made enter and project out from the line of the façade in order to give it movement, producing balconies, porches or inner courtyards, always protected from the outside.
According to the rhythm marked by the structures, the facing was covered with prefabricated pieces of artificial stone with fragments of marble, which give the outer layer of the buildings a deliberate textural and chromatic unity, accentuated by the geometry that marks the joints.

In the case of the property in Passeig Til·lers 21, the façades are complemented by the use of brown glazed tiles and in the Til·lers I and Til·lers II buildings, some of the facings and the chimney towers are covered with green glazed tiles.

The flats in the three buildings are of a very clear ground plan, spacious and welllit, because all the rooms are outwardfacing. Of special merit is the design of the flat roofs, at different levels, which play with opaque and translucent closures, and with the occasional presence of plant elements.

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