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Housing Can Domenge, Mallorca

In association with Ateliers Jean Nouvel

In 2006 the team made up of Ateliers Jean Nouvel and Ribas & Ribas won the international tender awarded by the Consell de Mallorca to develop Can Domenge, a space measuring some 10,000 m2 in the northeast of the city of Palma de Mallorca. At all times the architects understood that they had to design a project that respects “the spirit of the place”, taking into account the urban and historical characteristics of Palma and the climatic and environmental aspects of Mallorca.

The whole will be formed of 528 new housing units that will be integrated into the urban context surrounding it and will have a balanced density of residence and its own personality. Can Domenge aims to be a 21st-century garden city that provides its residents with a wide variety of services, shops and leisure facilities, and quality housing, distributed in three different areas: the living area which forms the front façade, the services area and the sleeping area, which form the rear façade.

In order to strengthen this atmosphere and give the complex a warm atmosphere, the façades of all the properties, of three or four floors in height, will have an earth-coloured stucco, recovering an autochthonous formula, as is the use of blinds made of fixed or moveable wooden strips, applied to both doors and windows, and also in this case, and in the form of pergola, in some of the streets and the terraces. These solutions make one realise that in reality it is a project that synthesises elements of rural architecture, the philosophy of the garden city and combinatory types of modern architecture.
They are houses-apartments, gardensparks, a village within a city, that propose a lifestyle that both enables the inhabitants to enjoy the intimacy of their residence and to be open to the public spaces and community life, since on the one hand it has the quality of services that the city offers, and on the other hand, the typical peace and quiet of the village.

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