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Single-family homes in Mont, Valle de Arán

In the small village of Mont, with only 46 inhabitants, located in the heart of the Valle de Arán, the construction of two isolated single-family homes is planned. The houses, with a basement and 3 levels, are conceived as modern constructions, but respecting at all times the volume and the materials typical of the area, such as stone and wood, in order to integrate as much as possible with the landscape. The traditional geometry of the building with a sloping gabled roof contrasts with the large windows that provide an image of modernity and at the same time allow the entry of natural light. The two houses are oriented in such a way that they enjoy unbeatable views over the valley.

  • Date: 2022
  • Area: n/a m2
  • Stage: In progress
  • Location: Valle de Arán, Spain
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