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Multi-family housing building in Villaverde – Competition

The site is located in the south of the city of Madrid, in the district of Villaverde, an area in expansion. The surface of the site is 2720.58 m² and the main façade faces Calcio Street with a length of 30.20 m with northeast orientation.

The building consists of 78 houses of Official Protection but developed as homes that fulfill the pretensions of the most demanding. It is VPO but with distributions and typical orientations of a conventional house.

The absence of external walkways and ventilation patios so used in this type of building stands out, creating a unique volume with three differentiated connection cores. The distributions of houses are similar between them, they try to look for the double orientation with a simple and functional distribution in which two areas of the house are clearly differentiated: day and night.

The facade is composed of modulated concrete panels. The openings follow the same rhythm and the frame of the windows leave towards the outside 50 cm, giving the possibility of having a balcony. In the interior patio facades, where the most private rooms are located, the openings are smaller and do not give the possibility of a balcony. So, it is possible to give more privacy to the rooms that face these facades.

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