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Housing and Hotel Portosenso – Altea, Alicante

In association with Ateliers Jean Nouvel

In terms of urban planning, architecturally and environmentally, this is one of the most ambitious projects by the team formed by the architects Nouvel and Ribas & Ribas who, using the latest consequences of the attempt to blend architecture with nature, have conceived a complex of homes and leisure services integrated into the geography and which provide a maximum quality of life based on criteria of comfort and sustainability.

“Porto Senso” is not a name chosen at random, but which is derived from sensuality, sensitivity, sensations and sentiments… words linked to the sensorial experiences that have inspired this complex. It’s positioning is truly exceptional.

It is a typically Mediterranean spot, a leafy pinewood on a gentle slope that drops towards the sea, where there is a harbour. On this piece of land there are a total of 316 homes, distributed in 12 blocks of 4 floors height, a hotel, spa centre and shopping area, but it is not placed in an aggressive way with its environment. Quite the opposite, in fact, with architecture and nature assimilated by a layer of autochthonous plant life, basically pine trees, olive trees, plum trees, as well as aromatic plants, such as lavender, fennel or thyme, which help to make full use of the water resources and create a microclimate.

Furthermore, to respect the environment three different types of roadway will be built: one for vehicles, one for bicycles and one for pedestrians, which will be camouflaged by the vegetation.

The distribution of the homes will vary according to the lie of the land and this is why there will be various types of apartments. Nevertheless, all the rooms will have mobile elements, so that each user can distribute the space to their taste, and large terraces, the moveable façades and shutters of which will be covered with stone, recalling the containing walls of the different levels built in dry stone, in order to facilitate the coupling of the whole in the space.

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