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Metropica, residential complex in Miami

The Metropica complex is a large promotion complex that includes 8 residential towers with common areas and a large attached shopping centre. Metropica is in the Sunrise district of Miami, in the northwest part of the city, next to the Everglades Wildlife Management Area. The first tower is already under construction, and our proposal consists of the development of the façades of the remaining 7 towers, as well as the interior layout of tower 2, following the program predetermined by the developer.

The studied location of the towers generates large public green areas between them. The main objective is to make the views between towers more pleasant and generate quality green spaces for the users.

Our proposal aims to improve the collective life of its users and turn this area into a new point of attraction and centrality. The initial premises of the property were that the tower 2 had to include: 330 homes, 594 parking spaces and 330 storage bins, as well as many spaces and community services optimizing the relationship between the net internal area and the gross floor area.

For the new façade proposals, we were inspired by Mondrian’s cubism as well as the relationship between secondary colours and music. We created an orthogonal pattern to homogenize all the towers, complemented by coloured musical notes that defined the nature of each building. The music is transmitted to the façade by notes of colour that run along the towers, transmitting dynamism and vitality to the complex. The building’s users experience different feelings or emotions depending on the colour applied to the façade: red is passion and joy; orange is fun, happiness, excitement and enthusiasm; yellow is optimism, laughter and warmth; green is healthy and harmony; light blue is calm and serenity; dark blue is authority and power; and purple is mystical and artistic.

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