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Remunta I – Multi-family building with 44 homes

Multi-family building with 44 homes, 3 premises and 50 parking spaces, located on Avenida de Josep Tarradellas, núm. 279 of the municipality of Hospitalet de Llobregat.

A four-sided building with facades on Joan N. García-Nieto Street, Josep Tarradellas Avenue, and Josep Maria Muntané and Almirall Street, consisting of two basement floors, ground floor, six floors and flat roof inverted.

The whole lot is built on the ground floor and below ground, and from the first floor to the sixth a 3m separation is maintained on the south façade that overlooks the inner block courtyard to guarantee the distance of 3m with the community area of the future neighboring community.

In order to lighten the facade of a building that could be very compact due to its proportions, we have proposed a balcony that runs on all floors with a set of horizontal strips of different materials. This balcony has a solid parapet that hides the front of the floor and the ceiling of the terrace of the lower floor, and has a transparent glass railing that gives lightness to the whole.

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