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Patio Blanco Life Marina Ibiza – Multi-family building with 107 homes

In association with Ateliers Jean Nouvel

On a site close to the Life Boas building, the developers commissioned the architects to design another building that would complement it. However, the approach was quite different to the previous one. The proposal by the Nouvel and Ribas & Ribas team did not embrace the sea. Instead, it surrounded an inner courtyard.

The distribution and surface area of the complex of 107 apartments, which range from 80 to 200 m², was determined by their orientation and the geometry of the land. Despite its scale, this property owes a lot to the heritage of traditional Mediterranean architecture, in particular with its white frontage resolved with flat rectangular surfaces. The interior, on the other hand, is sheltered by blinds which serve as a second skin to filter the sunlight and to give occupants a greater sense of intimacy. These blinds can nevertheless be retracted to give the balconies views of the inner courtyard where community life is optimized.

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