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Solvia multi-family housing competition in Sarrià

The proposal recognizes the privileged situation of its location and responds to the different conditions of the urban fabric to which it belongs.

The project considers the construction of 62 homes in the sites located in Major de Sarrià nº189 and Joan Ràfols nº10-20. The proposal is distributed in 5 blocks of new construction and also the integral rehabilitation of Casa Grases, a cataloged building that will be adapted to residential use. The three sites are located around the Joan Reventós Park, within the Sarrià Sant Gervasi district of Barcelona. The Park, which is currently one of the largest in the district, is located on the site of an old torrent (Riera de les Monges) and has a lot of large vegetation, especially pines. Having the park right next to the sites where the proposal is located has meant that the project was always conceived relating it to the park and its vegetation.

A sustainable building that respects the environment and leaves the smallest carbon footprint has been designed. Among the long list of architectural decisions that point in this direction, there are arguments such as: an optimal orientation for the use of natural light, the maximization of natural means of environmental control at the expense of expensive traditional energy means, the use of highly efficient materials and a respectful construction process with the planet, which will gather the latest advances in materials technology.

And all this to achieve the main objective: the physical and psychological well-being of the user through the adaptation of the measures of the spaces, the materials, of the intensity and quality of the natural light. Summarizing, the multiple sensorial experiences, hearing, sight, touch, smell with which the human body is related to the world that surrounds it.

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