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Housing in Font Romeu – Multi-family building with 112 homes

In association with Ateliers Jean Nouvel

The project is located at Font Romeu, east of the city center, at +/- 1650 m altitude, bordered by the Ricaut valley and the wooded area of the “Roca de Serp”, and occupying an approximate area of 4.5 ha. The land is exposed to the south, and opens onto the views of the Valle de Grande de Bolquère.

“La Pleta” is composed of a series of planted platforms, in which the containment walls and buildings are confused to fit into the topography of the site. With this system we created places in which people relate as gardens, leisure areas … The first phase that is going to be executed consists of a set of 4 buildings with a total of 112 homes. The buildings face south and towards the landscape, providing clear views to all the houses.

The facades are inspired by the traditional architecture of the Cerdanya, as well as the fortifications and bastions that draw the landscape of the Hauts Cantons. The main ones are oriented towards the South, Southwest and Southeast, parallel to the level curves of the land and are composed of large concrete elements with textures. Behind are the wide lodges that are closed with large wooden panels.

A game of texture and color is created between the concrete facade of wooden formwork and the wooden shutters. The colorimetry of the facades is inspired by the colors of local rocks and meadows burned by the cold or the sun. They are of grayish, sandy tones and a more yellow and red tone for the wooden elements.

The buildings have a parking plant and 4 floors of houses, with 2 houses per floor in each staircase. The distribution of the floors is flexible to use adapting to the different requirements of people. This flexibility is achieved thanks to a system of sliding doors that are part of a central “core” where the wet areas (bathrooms and kitchens) are located.

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