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Competition for the refurbishment and expansion of the Hotel Le Parc, Quito

The present project consists of the refurbishment and expansion of a hotel in the city of Quito, Ecuador. It has been proposed as an iconic building due to its location on an important avenue near Parque de la Carolina. The facade of the building is considered as an element of great representativeness, composed of prefabricated pieces of wood slats that change their function according to their shape (sill, gardener, enclosure …). These pieces with different inclinations frame the vision of the rooms, creating a rhythm that seems random, but which actually consists of the repetition of 3 or 4 different modules. In addition, they are designed to direct the views of the rooms depending on their situation on the plot, avoiding direct views of the neighbours and looking for street views.

Two volumes of 12 floors have been conceived to work in a unitary way, connected in all the levels by a walkway. The ground floor is built around a large interior garden, the first two floors make up a large basement with amenities and pool and restaurant appear on the rooftop.

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