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Las Boas Life Marina Ibiza – Multi-family building with 178 homes

In association with Ateliers Jean Nouvel

Undoubtedly this is a bold and innovative proposal that avoids all the usual clichés of architecture dedicated to apartment blocks. Making the most of the outstanding location on the last available building block on Ibiza’s magnificent Passeig Marítim, the architects’ proposal is based on that of an Italian-style theatre with its horseshoe shape and descending volume, as if it were an amphitheatre from which the harbour and the old city can be viewed. For this reason, all the apartments have an elongated plan and a radial orientation, a solution which allows for the enjoyment of excellent views from both the front and the rear, transforming it into a living lookout point.

The complex consists of 178 units ranging from 80 to 200 m², each one with a different layout, clustered around 15 stairwell zones with a communal fitness centre, pool, bar, games room and other services that are aimed at making life more comfortable for the residents.

If this construction proposal is surprising in its originality, the exterior image of the building enhances this characteristic even more, as both its shape and its colours defy conventional patterns. The staggered front of the building, facing the sea, features sinuous balconies in coloured galvanized steel panels with
incorporated planters for wildflowers. In this way the chromatic combination of the balconies and the bright colours of the plants, which the Mediterranean light intensifies, give the building the appearance more of a natural scene than that of built architecture.

On the other hand, the gap created by the horseshoe shape of the property contains a community pool which creates a visual extension of the sea when seen from the apartments, while also providing a noise buffer for the units from the traffic on Passeig Marítim below. The rear façade is clad with a double skin of aluminium louvres that follows the colour spectrum, as if it were depicting a rainbow.

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