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Funeral home in San Rafael de Sa Creu parish, Ibiza

In the Ibizan town of San Rafael de Sa Creu, is the Parish of San Rafael, made up of a Church, a cemetery and an outdoor area with a shed where an old hearse, “Sa Carrossa”, recently restored, is kept.
The project aims to clean up and recover the entire plot, giving it use to make it accessible and rebuilding the old volumes that were in the enclosure in order to be able to be visited and guarantee its future conservation as historical heritage.
Due to the proximity of the cemetery and the Church, it is proposed to redevelop the plot and create a small wake room that can be used in times of mourning. In one of the annexes of the Church, the small candle room is located. In addition, it is proposed to expand it with a volume at the back, where the deceased’s room is located, which is accessed through the wake room. The façade of this new volume is whitewashed like the Church, from which it is subtly separated by a small patio.
On the other hand, the relocation of “Sa Carrossa” is proposed inside the same level plot with small masonry walls and to move the existing pergola that protects it in order to preserve it in perfect condition and be perfectly integrated with the new proposal.

  • Date: 2019
  • Area: 15 m2
  • Stage: Preliminary design
  • Location: Ibiza, Spain
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