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Rural Revitalization in China: Town models

The development of 4 town models of approximately 3000 inhabitants in the Chinese region of Chengdu is proposed, in different possible geographical environments. The starting point is always a natural element, such as a river, a lake, a valley or springs, so that the towns adapt perfectly to the environment, allowing for the possibility of a sustainable extension in the future. A sustainable mobility system is developed, providing parking spaces on the outskirts of the towns.

All towns are developed to accommodate three concepts: working, living and developing a tourist attraction, taking advantage of the natural resources of the environment and turning the region into a benchmark for agrotourism.

The 4 towns proposed are: radial town model, lake town model, topography town model and spring town model.

At the same time, different types of housing have been developed to accommodate different types of family groups. All of them are conceived as traditional Chinese style constructions respecting the local materials of the area, but with the standards of modernity and comfort that today’s homes demand.

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