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Funeral home in Sta Eularia des Riu, Ibiza

Considering the climate of the Island, with eight months of good weather per year, we designed a fragmented building into several pavilions. The exterior spaces gain relevance acting as a link between the different pavilions. A close interior-exterior relationship is established so that the “inside” and the “outside” are diluted and can often work as a single space.
The distribution of the program of needs in different pavilions has allowed the reduction of the square meters of constructed surface, because the circulations between pavilions are made through the outer space that articulates them.
The exterior of the new funeral home will be an accessible public space with paved and landscaped areas.
The topography of the plot has been studied in detail to cause the less impact on the ground. The implantation of the pavilions takes advantage of the guidelines established by the existing masonry walls, relying on them and conserving these walls whenever is possible. Minimal constructions have been generated with a geometry and a volume that reduces its architectural impact on the landscape.
The pavilions are developed only on the ground floor. To achieve the maximum integration with the traditional buildings of the environment, exterior walls with traditional whitewashed and stone walls will be used both in the construction of the pavilions and in the execution of the urbanization.

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