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Rural Revitalization in China: Public facilities

In all towns, different public facilities are planned so that they are self-sufficient and have services that allow the development of a rural, but at the same time modern, life. For this, a school, a rural hotel, a theatre-museum, a hospital, a market and a sports hall are being developed.

The school is planned as a set of 5 pavilions that accommodate all stages of teaching, from nursery school to high school, with a building for each, as well as a shared sports hall.

The rural hotel offers a hotel concept in the middle of the countryside, conceived as 2 main pavilions with common services, and a succession of small isolated pavilions that make up the different rooms, all surrounded by a natural environment.

The theatre-museum aims to be an iconic building, a building where, apart from the performance of theatrical play, it also has exhibition spaces for traditional elements of the Chinese agricultural culture of the area.

The hospital is made up of different pavilions configured in such a way that they generate interior patios, protected open spaces, following the traditional style of Chinese buildings.

The market has been proposed as one of the most important facilities in towns, conceived as their nerve centre, acting as a dynamic element and urban driving force.

Finally, the sports pavilion, in addition to hosting different sports activities, aims to be a space for interaction and entertainment and to be a benchmark for sustainable architecture due to the treatment of its green roof.

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