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La Querola d’Ordino – Multi-family building with 65 homes

In association with Ateliers Jean Nouvel, Jordi Sala

On a privileged site set amongst meadows and woodlands in the valleys of Andorra, 1,360 m above sea level, the architects have designed La Querola d’Ordino, an innovative proposal for 65 homes. The most distinctive feature of this project is that its unique shape —replicating the silhouette of stratified rock— and its insertion in the context, are a natural extension of the surrounding land, adopting and respecting the richness of the host environment.

A fundamental premise for the team of architects is the creation of an architecture that meets the demands of the place in which it must be located, not a generic architecture that might be exogenous or out of place. This goal is also sought in the naming of the project, which is derived from the toponym quer, meaning an outcrop or large boulder in ancient Catalan, an idea the architects had uppermost in mind when designing the complex, and which is reflected in the shape of the building.

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