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Corporate building RABAT jewelry, Barcelona

Casa Codina, a Modernist building with medievalists roots, is to be fully renovated to house the headquarters of the Rabat Jewellery stores in Barcelona. This has been a challenge for Ribas & Ribas, as the aim is to respect the pre-standing building at all times.

In order to give the Paseo de Gràcia vestibule space a sense of unity and a suitably sized display window, the existing stone staircase was shifted from the entrance to the interior of the store. A spacious open porch in the window area was generated and the sgraffito finishes on the existing beam heads were restored.

The ground floor has an open plan with two zones: the entrance, connected to the vertical circulations, the reception and the Rabat jewellery display cases, and the sales and display zone for various brands set around the perimeter of the ground floor space. This will create a clean, neutral image that frames the
jewellery. There are two major highlights, one at the bar and the other at the rear of the store, where the triangulated grid in the drop ceiling is extruded to shape two separate skylights.

The renovated inner courtyard is converted into a terrace with a sales and display point, linked to a bar designed for the cabin at the rear of the site. The second floor contains a Rabat jewellery showroom, while the third, fourth and fifth floors are for offices and workshops.

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